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    We Make History

    The tradition continues each season

    The Serbian White Eagles have been a part of Canadian Soccer since 1967.

    With a storied tradition of contributing the fabric of soccer development, professional teams, players and organization.

    Our SWE Academy continues and builds on the tradition of soccer development.  With a focus on skill building, team spirit, comraderie and love for the game.  The foundations for youth engagement at an early age, to love sport, and to recognize the fulfillment achieved from giving their fullest efforts.

    The Academy is associated with the SWE professional team of the Canadian Soccer League.  The coaching staff and leadership is comprised of professional players and coaches including MLS and international divisions.

    We have alumni from our academy program that have gone on to play at college level within the OUA/ NCAA as well as professional teams as well.

    Proper movement, form, and approach are all emphasized in an age appropriate format for each team.


    Trophies We Won

    CAF Super League

    Canadian Academy of Futbol

    Toronto Soccer Championship

    Toronto Soccer Association

    CAF League Championship

    Canadian Academy of Futbol

    Etobicoke Championship

    Etobicoke Youth Soccer League

    This Is Our Story

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    Soccer Culture

    A love of the game and interest in the game is nurtured.

    Professional Team Interaction

    We nurture interaction with professional players, and discuss their habits, training regime, etc.


    We nurture the proper approach to training, with intent, positive attitude and enjoyment.

    Game Time Support

    We encourage strong support during games.  SWE Academy has a long tradition of very strong encouragement of players & support from the sidelines!

    Contact Us

    To learn more about our Academy program please contact us via email or phone.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    • 1-647-938-7002