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    On time. Proper uniform. Ready.


    Right Attitude. Strong Will.


    Finding the joy of the game.


    When it all comes together. Wanting to just play more.

    A Winning Attitude

    Amazing Coaching

    Inspired coaching creates the right environment for development

    Individualized Development

    Regardless of skill level.  Each player is nurtured to develop at their best ability.

    Hard Work

    An intentional attitude towards being a better player and team member, can only come via hard work.

    Winner’s Attitude

    A winning attitude is encouraged.  No match can be won without giving your most.  Having done so, you won that day- regardless of score.

    A fantastic season
    Highlights from our previous season
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    Professional Team Of Coaches

    Former professional soccer players supporting the next generation
    Uros Stamatotovic
    SWE Academy Head Coach/ Manager
    Petar Planic
    Team Coach
    Marko Krasic
    Team Coach
    Milos Kocic
    Goalkeeping Coach

    I really enjoyed my time with the White Eagles. It was a special experience to be part of the tradition. I went on to play in College, and I still keep in touch with many of the friends for weekend soccer games still!

    Former Player

    I loved the energy, the players, the parents and the competition. I continued to play soccer and enjoy the friendships I made along the way.

    Former SWE Youth Player

    Loved the Serbian White Eagles Youth team. I had the chance to start playing there, loved the game and continue to play to this day.

    Still Active Player