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    Basics First

    The basics help your child command what the ball does in reaction to contact with their body.  Playing soccer involves learning some basic skills, whatever the position of the player. There are fundamentals of soccer that all players must learn

    These SWE Academy skills include, but are not limited to:

    • Self-confidence;
    • Social confidence;
    • Communication;
    • Conflict resolution;
    • Collaboration;
    • Empathy;
    • Relationship management;
    • Work ethic;
    • Time management;
    • Goal setting;
    • Emotional management;
    • Health management;
    • Work-life balance.

    For this reason, youth soccer is a valuable development tool that goes even beyond skills specifically related to sports strategy.

    Major Skill Groups

    There are four major skills groups that you can develop in soccer:

    • Technique: Technique refers to the basic movements and movement strategies that sports players develop. Technique is usually developed through drills to make the movements second nature. These optimized movements are meant to not only improve performance, but also to reduce fatigue and risk of injury.
    • Game intelligence: Game intelligence, also known as tactical awareness, refers to how well a player understands the larger dynamics of the game. With good game intelligence, a player can analyze gameplay from a perspective beyond their own designated role. Using this information, a player can adjust their personal strategy to better suit each specific situation.
    • Physical fitness: Physical fitness is the process of ensuring that your body is strong and healthy enough to support the physical work that you are putting in. Good physical fitness can not only improve your performance, but also reduce the risk of injury. Ideally, physical fitness should be approached with both the short-term and the long-term in mind.
    • Mindset: Mindset refers to your attitude and mental fortitude. Developing a healthy mindset for sports is important because without the proper mindset to support your skills, your performance is likely to suffer. Ideally, young soccer players should develop a determined and positive mindset that will allow them to maintain confidence and remain calm and resilient under pressure.


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